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Birthday Gift ideas for your Mother

Birthday-gifts-for-momMother.. Whose arms were always open when you needed a hug. Whose love and care gave you the wings to fly. Who had been there for you since the day you opened your eyes to the world.

Her Birthday is here. It is time for you to rack up your brain for the perfect gift idea, for that perfect woman. Of all persons, you know that she deserves the best.

It’s hard to decide a gift when it comes to the birthday of your mother. Before you realize the need for a perfect gift will sneak up on you from behind and it might be hard to figure out a plan out of the blue. You’ve got to put your heart into it and think..

It’s got to be perfect, meaningful and offbeat. One way to come up with an idea is to put yourself in her shoes. What are her interests, passion, preferences. What is her lifestyle like. At this particular point in her life and age, what might she want the most. Remember all those tiny details…then..

Take a cocktail shaker and put it all in… and shake the hell out of it..

Voila.. You got some ideas!!..

Holiday Away Ahoy!!!

No gift comes close to the joy of travelling. A full vacation package to visit someplace new is a good idea for a gift. Let her go with Dad or maybe just her girlfriends.

Let her be worry-free, away from the daily hassle and work.

There are various packages to choose from. From just some relaxing days at a beach- resort to a full scale travel experience.gift-ideas-for-mother

It might be expensive. But as it is for your mother, if you can afford it you are good to go.
You can also take her to visit her childhood hometown or school. Let her share those old stories with you.

Gift for the woman that she is..

Now there is always an option to buy her the things that make her the woman that she is.

For the Art-Mom: buy her a whole new set of art and craft supplies. Furthermore join an art class that you and your mother can attend together–.
For the outdoorsy Mom: Get her hiking supplies if she hikes and go on a hike with her. Buy her rare seeds and plants if she is into gardening.
For the cooking genius Mom: There are a lot of things to get a Mother who loves spending time in the kitchen. Get her a brand new cake batter mixer or coffee maker that just came in stores.

Be creative. Come up with a gift that she can use and will be exited to try out.

Spa packages

gift-ideas-for-mother-1Luxurious? Soothing? Rejuvenating? Are those the words you were looking for in a gift? Buy her a month’s spa package. Nothing can replace the chance to relax and revive one’s body. Massage therapies, Ayurvedic package, Sun lovers package , Body treatments.. The list goes on.

Let her be pampered and taken care of for a change. And let it be classy

Your presence is the perfect present..

Your presence is the best gift you can give your mother. No matter where you are, try to make it for that special day. Spend the whole day beside her. Talk to her, make her laugh, give her long hugs and kisses.

Even if you can’t, in this era of internet and phone aren’t there ways to make her feel that you are there. Send her a Smartphone so she can see you whenever she wants.

Teach her to use those new technologies. Change her into that super cool techy-mom.

 Its Shopping time!

shopping-with-momBuy her stuff. Can any woman resist a shopping spree? Nuh-uh!

Take her out. Go to all those stores she wanted to but could not. Hunt down the things she wanted for a long time.

Have fun. Laugh and enjoy the whole day. Then a movie and some ice cream might as well be added. After all, every cake needs a cherry topping..

Surprise surprise……..!!
What is a Birthday without a surprise. There is no other surprise magical than the surprise of being loved. So be it special.

Let it be through a newspaper. Let her wake up to read the Birthday Wish and love from her children through the daily newspaper, along with thousands of others. Add her favorite family picture and your words of love.
Surprise dinner with old friends. Try not to make it one of those ‘‘jump out of the dark surprises’’. Instead, tone it down a little and make it classy. Let her anticipate and wait. Make her wait in the bedroom while you prepare.
When you bring her to the dinner table in her new beautiful dress, with eyes covered, let her eyes open to the dear friends of hers from the past, whom she lost touch with.

Track them down through old high school or college scrapbooks. Let it be a small and special evening that she can cherish.

For the Mom who is Retired

gift-ideas-for-mother-2Your mother is retired. What she needs the most is to just lay back and enjoy life..So what you can do is to make her life warm, snugly and comforting.

  1. Buy her a hamper of home spa, bath and beauty products. Let her relax and enjoy from the warmth of her home.
  2. Get her a whole new set of beauty supplies. Let her feel young and beautiful.
  3. She might have put aside her need to feel beautiful in the past. The family had to take care of your needs. Let her feel confident and charming again.
  4. Comfy shoes, warm wooly blankets, gourmet cheese and a bottle of fine wine.What else do you need to go for the European evening experience –homey style. Light a scented candle or two. Play some classical music in the background. Let her relax on the porch with loved ones around her. She will just close her eyes and smile her smile.

Handmade magic… one of a kind!

Birthday-card-for-momCreatively tackle the Birthday… Make the gift with your own hands. There will be no other gift in the world, loved by a mother, than the one which was made by her kids. It will be personalized, it will be creative, and it will be one of a kind!!. Don’t hesitate. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you put your heart into it. Your Mother will love it no matter what and that too, much more than any flashy expensive gifts. 

  1. Cards !!.. It’s tradition for any special occasion. Why shouldn’t it be more special, when there is always an option doing it by hand.Glue in photographs and beautiful picture cuttings. Decorate with ribbons, cute little hearts and glitter. You can also buy a DIY Card&PaperCraft set which has the complete package; with the cute little things to glue in , color papers, dried flowers, stickers etc. and you can customize it however you want.Let the little ones scribble in. Can it get anymore precious than that?
  2. Bracelet and charms. Let your love protect her forever. Indulge in some whimsy. It will be fun, versatile and trendy. You can get step by step instructions from the internet . It can be made in a variety of ways using beads, strings, leather and in different techniques. It will be personal and meaningful. Most of all.. It will be unique.. Just like your mother.
  3. Let’s get musical. Practice your mother’s favorite song. Or even write her one!Perform it during her Birthday party. Add some dance moves too. Have a blast!!

A scrapbook of memories:

scrap-book-for-momThe greatest joy a mother will possess in her life of parenting, is the journey of bringing up her child. So wouldn’t those memories make a good gift?. Make her a scrapbook with pictures from your childhood with her. Let it portray her journey of parenthood along with your transition from a toddler to the present.If you want it techy make a video instead. Add some meaningful music and put together videos, photographs and wordings. Let it be special.

Walk her down the memory lane. Let her be reminded of the trips you took, the fun you had. Write down about the little moments with her that you cherish. Let her know how much you appreciate her efforts making you, who you are today. 

Who we are now.. our past, present and future.. We owe it to our loving MotherThere is nothing greater than a Mother’s love.. She is patient and forgiving. Her love is unconditional and it never fails.

~The day she was born is more beautiful than our own. ~

Let’s make it special.

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